MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL KAITHAPOYIL has celebrated the ADMISSION FESTIVAL with various programs. The newly admitted students were welcomed by the teachers and other students.

Students Jenna Meher, Aishal Saya and Fathima Lahna , who joined the school for the first time in the new academic year, raised the curtain and started the Montessori class. School manager KMD Muhammad presided. School principal joseph Pulimoottil welcomed. AC Abdul Aziz, RK Moiteen Koya, P Jaffer TK Subair and PTA president Zoya extended their greetings.

“Pioneering Educational Transformation in Malabar: The MES organization’s journey”

According to the statement of Adv. P.T.A Rahim, MLA ; The beginning of the educational progress of malabar originated from the initiative of the MES organization. PTA Rahim started that Malabar, which was backward in the field of education bagan the inception of education history bacause of MES organization under the leadership of PK Abdul Gafoor, who came from Kodungallur. He was speaking at the District level inauguration of the Education Promotion Pakshacharanam Inspire 2024 organized by Kozhikode District MES committee at Kaithapoyil MES school. MES kozhikode District President PK Abdul Latheef presided. District secretary ATM Ashraf delivered the keynote address. Inspiration 2024 convenor RK Shafi presented the report. Dr. Femina Jasmin, an alumni who completed her MBBS studies, Andrea Bilfi,who scored 1200 marks in the Plus Two exam, and the teachers who enabled them, were felicitated with awars at the event. District treasurer KV Saleem, TKC Muhammed, AC Abdul Aziz, RK Moiteen Koya, Ashraf, Jaffer P , Joseph Pulimoottil and Zubair TK spoke. At MES Kaithapoyil ,school secretary KMD Muhammed welcomed and district joint secretary BM Sudheer gave the vote of thanks.


“Celebrate endings – for they precede new beginning” . The celebration of graduation day in MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL was a memorable and colourful event. Inaugurated by CI Pradeep, Thamarassery station. in this event KMD Muhammed sir welcomed everyone for the wonderful event. Principal MI Sunil sir addressed the meet.


As the name suggests, a food exhibition is a meticulously organized event to display various food and traditional snacks items. Besides this , it is a platform to promote culinary innovations and cooking skills and share your gastronomic experience with a community that appreciates food. On behalf of this event MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL KAITHAPOYIL students have conducted a traditional food mela.

Permaculture awareness compaign

Importance of  permaculture method of farming and how it will be useful for the coming generation are the two ideas highlighted and taken for the discussion during the assembly in the compaign.It has also been conducted an interaction session about the topic between our  higher std students and a French  permaculturist Nicholas Brethet who explained it in details about how agriculture can be made organic.The session was inaugurated by the school secretary KMD Muhammad and our former principal Joseph sir was the chief guest of the programme.School vice chairman R K Moideenkoya and treasurer A C Asees talked on the programme.School principal thanked evryone and the session ended by


MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL celebrated COLOURS DAY which is organised by Montessori House of Children . The importance of colors was evoked by the various artistic performances presented by the children. As part of the programme, Montessori students and teachers visited Markaz Knowledge City.

National Ayurvedic Day Celebration

MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL celebrated National Ayurvedic Day under the auspices of OISCA CLUB. The aim of Ayurveda Day is to promote and disseminate Ayurveda globally for the benefit of mankind, animals, plants and the environment. As a part of this , the medicinal plants brought by the children from their homes were handed over to the school principal, who were planted in OISCA HERBAL GARDEN and introduced to medicinal plants.

Motivation Class

VK SURESH ,the famous Motivation Trainer, presented the emotional moments of the unbreakable bond between parents and children through humorous words and some quotes in a friendly gathering organized for the parents of MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL in Kaithapoyil.