About us

MES Fathima Rahim Central School is the first M.E.S school started in the hill area of Kozhikode District. The school was established in 2001 under ‘The Crescent Educational Charitable Society’. The charitable society started an English Medium Nursery school at Kaithapoyil named as Crescent English Medium Nursery School.

Now we are affiliated the Crescent English Medium Nursery School to M.E.S Central School and changed the name as MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL Kaithapoyil. The School is under auspices of M.E.S Puduppadi Unit with an object of imparting education right from Montessory to Senior Secondary level in English medium as per the syllabus prescribed by the Central Board Of Secondary Education. This School is situated at Venchery,Kannoth (Kaithapoyil) in the Kodenchery Panchayat nearly 2kmts from the Wayanad Ghat.

Our aim is to impart quality education regardless of caste, class, creed, race or gender. Great emphasis is given to formation of character, self-confidence, co-operation, leadership and responsibility. We believe in the value of promoting children’s self esteem in a safe and secure environment and incorporating a holistic approach which caters to the individual needs of our children.

The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. At the pre-school stage, the Montessori system is being followed which is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits and respect for a child’s natural ,psychological, physical and social developments. Montessori system in our school has received wide acceptance among the parents and the public in general.

The last four decades have witnessed a remarkable transformation in the educational status of Muslims in Kerala, supposedly the most backward in education. The driving force behind this effort has been THE MUSLIM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (REGD.) . M.E.S, the biggest educational agency of the Muslim community in India having thousands of life members and hundreds of institutions.
The movement started under the great leadership of late Dr. P.K. Abdul Ghafoor in 1964 at Calicut was supported by a large number of professionals and businessmen and in a short span of time, it spread to all Districts, Taluks and even at the Panchayath in Kerala, other parts of India and abroad and still the organisation is growing fast, extending its services further to reach every nook and corner of the state.

The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. At the pre-school stage we have been following the Kindergarten system over the past many years which is under the process of change to Montessori System. Our School is also a member of the M.E.S School Education Board – Kerala and is supported by the board in all aspects of education.


  • Support and guidance of M.E.S. School Education Board.
  • Focus on value education and secular outlook.
  • Facilitating customs of all religions.
  • Emphasis on Islamic culture.
  • Independent mosque and regular religious instructions outside class hours for Muslim students.
  • Systemic curricular programme promoting athletic, artistic and literary talents.
  • A well equipped health club and extensive play fields for sports and games, Karate and Band music.
  • Digitalized Class Rooms.


M.E.S. Fathima Rahim Central School considers the formation of character the first essential of any sound educational system and so great stress is laid on the inculcation of high ideals, becoming behaviour and moral rectitude. All pupils are given a comprehensive course in value education.

In teaching humanities and science, the aim is a sound practical knowledge based on the latest techniques and requirements of the syllabus prescribed by CBSE. Games and physical culture have an appropriate place in the time table.

The school gives great emphasis to varied programmes of activities outside the ordinary classroom routine. These are designed to develop important traits of character like honesty, self-confidence, co-operation, diligence and to promote latent talent for leadership and responsibility.

A proper use of audio-visual and library facilities, study circles and clubs, debates, declamation, elocution and quiz contests, drama, dance, drawing and music are some of the cultural and educational activities in which students are expected to participate in order to build confidence and self esteem.

Keeping in mind the harmonious development of each pupil and the forming of a fully integrated persons, we also offer through our teachers a variety of hobbies to the students.

Our Vision

We aim to impart quality education regardless of caste, class, colour, creed, race or gender preparing the students to become better citizens.

Our Mission

Our school aims to provide Education for Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility. Education is more than the transmission of a storehouse of information. It enriches the child’s personality with daily experiences which provide her/him with a wider understanding of her/his world. As useful knowledge accumulates, so does the child’s appreciation of her/ his cultural heritage. The school in a given culture tends to be geared to the practices and values of that culture.  It is the teacher who enables the developing child to discover the inner potential which can lead to the formation of a global citizen with social responsibility. Teacher-pupil relationships in the classroom and the type of curricular material presented represent potent influences in the determination of individual points of view, mental, health, and general personality pattern.Our school believes in achieving the mission through collaborative teaching and learning.

  • Grooming an enlightened generation to serve the humanity realizing an integration of global diversity, upholding high ideals ingrained at spiritual values and altruistic commitment.
  • Ensure education par excellence of the era to generations that take the lead of society through the efficient utilization of technology of the time.
  • Empowering women through quality education to girls.
  • A prestigious school for the privileged.


With the broad frame work of the school curriculum, a multidimensional approach makes the learning effective and enjoyable.

The Montessori level is child centered and activity based. The cognitive processes are made more meaningful by encouraging the children to “hear, see and do” through the play way method. This makes learning an enjoyable experience and provides a strong foundation for further development. Progress is to be evaluated through a continuous assessment programme.

The primary school students are gradually introduced to a more formal pattern of learning. Syllabus provides scope for originality and creativity, while emphasis is laid in understanding of the subject matter. Progress is determined by the Work Sheet Assignments given every month

The school follows a three-language formula for Std-I to VII, offering English, Malayalam and Hindi. From Std. 1 onwards, students will have to learn Hindi as their second language, in which case Malayalam becomes a compulsory third language.

Religious Instruction and study of Arabic is compulsory for Muslim Students.

School Managing Committee

    Jb P Mahamood Hajee
    Arafa, Nandi Bazar ,Koyilandi, kozhikkode
    KMD. MUhammed, Karuvachalil (H),Kaithapoyil, Kozhikkode
    A.C.Abdul Azees
    Vilakkattukavil(h),Kaithapoyil Kozhikkode
  • Dr P A Fasal Ghafoor
    Manappad(H),Nadakkav P.O Kozhikkode
  • Prof. P.O.J.Lebba
    Yakeen Asramom, Kollam-2
  • Jb.Abdul Hameed,IPS(Retd)
    MES – SEB, Thazhepalam,Tirur -7,Malappuram
  • Jb.C.T.Zakir Hussain
    21/1167-A-SOLACE, G.S.A.Road,P.O.Kallai,Kozhikkose.
  • Jb.P.K.Abdul Latheef
    Orchid (HO), Eranhikkal
  • R.K Moideen Koya
    Vilakkattukavil(H), Kaithapoyil.P.O,Kozhikkode
  • P. Jaffar
    Ponnamkandy (H) Kaithapoyil,Kozhikkode
  • Jb.P.T.Assain Kutty
    P.T Jewellers , Koduvally
  • Jb.Thattancheri Abdu Rahiman
  • Shamsudeen Koyappathodi
  • T.K Subair
    Thavannurkunnumel(H),Kaithapoyil P.O,Kozhikkode.
  • N.K.Aboobacker Master
  • M.P.C.Nazar
  • Moideen Kunhi
    Puzhakkal (H), Kaithapoyil P.O, Kozhikkode.
  • K.P Abdurahiman Kutty
    Kizhakkeperuvattil,Venchery ,Kannoth P.O
  • P.Moidu, Parappil(H)
    Venchery, Kannoth P.O,Kozhikkode.
  • B.M.Sudheer
    SAB 19/1557B,P.O.Chalappuram,Calicut,673002

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