MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL Montessori CONVOCATION Ceremony celebrated on 20th March 2023in the academic year 2022-2023. Mrs. Ambika Mangalath District Panchayat Member inaugurated the convocation ceremony. The students who completed the Montessori course through the continuous training of the teachers were in a proud moment of success which raised the reputation of the school. The school secretary KMD Muhammad presided over the grand ceremony held in the school yard. School Principal Sunil MI welcomed . RK Shafi, KP Abdurahman, PTA president Mohammad Ali , Liza Thomas and Mni Joshy explained about Montessori system. Thamarassery Taluk President AC Abdul Aziz gave the gratitude message.

Celebration of Gandhi Jayanthi

By paying tribute to the memory of the father of our nation, the students of MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL in Kaithapoyil presented a scene with various events in the life of Gandhiji, helping to raise awareness about the biography of Gandhiji from his birth to his death. It was a new experience for the children when they visualized Gandhiji’s Uppu satyagraha at Dandi beach and the salt Satyagraha held at Payyannur beach in Kerala. Nitha Fathima , a young artist of MES campus , drew a caricature of Gandhiji in real time which was very impressive. Also great personalities like Kasturba, Putlibai and Tagore were reborn in the arena of MES. Abdul hannan, Muhammad Faizan, Hamdhan and other thirty students dressed up as Gandhiji. School principal delivered Gandhi Jayanthi message. The vice principal proposed vote of thanks.

Exhibition of Native Flowers and Medicinal Plants

The students of MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL in Kaithapoyil have become an example by preparing an exhibition of native flowers and medicinal plants that used to be full of our fields. The children collected exotic native flowers and medicinal plants and introduced them to the new generation and explained the benefits of using these medicinal plants . The program was presided over by the school co- ordinator KMD Muhammad and the school principal Sunil MI inaugurated the program and Mrs Suja and Mrs Vaishna delivered the keynote address. Muhammad Mishal, Fidha, Darshana , Albion and other 30 students participated in the function.

Parents Get together – Velicham 2K23

In Kaithapoyil MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL celebrated three days parents get together VELICHAM 2K23 with a wide range of programs. District Panchayath Member Ramseena Narikuni inaugurated the gathering by reminding the new generation of the duty of parents.

On the second day, Sulaiman , a retired principal and trainer inaugurated the program with a lecture on maintaining health through conservation of the earth.

Aminakutty, Public Relations Officer of Balussery Government Taluk Hospital inaugurated the program on the third day by remindingg the parents of the things that parents should pay attention to in strengthening family relations. The gathering of parents, children, teachers and managements from Montessori to class IX was refreshing to the eyes and mind. The VELICHAM 2K23 was a platform for the parents who came to share happiness despite their busy schedule to showcase their talents. various games were included in the program which added to the gathering. School Manager KMD Muhammad presided over the program. Pricipal Sunil MI , Moiteen Koya, Abdul Aziz, Shafi and Riyas Nooramthode offered their greetings.

English fest

English fest program was conducted by students of MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL in Kaithapoyil presenting various items and attracted a lot of attention. The program was inaugurated by school principal Sunil M.I at around 9:00 am followed by category wise competitions. Students got an opportunity to show case their skills related to English through this event.

Remembrance of Hiroshima & Nagasaki Day

Hiroshima &Nagasaki Day was observed at MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL in Kaithapoyil with the call of anti – war message. To spread the message of anti – war and world peace , the children flew the dove symbol of peace. The school principal gave the anti – war message and the children recited the anti – war pledge. Susmitha , Vaishna, Yasin Sana and Shamil led the function.

Offered Half Of Million Books

In Kaithapoyil , half a million books of Malayala Manorama were handed over to the school library of MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL by Afreen Fathima persident of Balajanasakhyam to K.M.D Muhammad the school co-ordinator. Members Aysha Siya, Isha Thanvi, Sana Fathima, Fathima Faiha and Ameegha Mariyam participated in the function.

Teacher Training to Protect Life

MES FATHIMA RAHIM CENTRAL SCHOOL manager Mr. KMD Muhammad teachers Jancy and Shifoniya participated in the B.L.S training organized for the teachers at the medical college to realize the fact that saving the life of an accident victim is the most important thing and should be considered first before anything else. First aid was discussed in class and teachers were trained through demo.